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Why Boots and Saddles?

Boots and Saddles was started in response to a growing demand to serve our special children and adult riders in an inclusive setting. By serving all members of the family, including siblings, by inviting the community, broadening our circle of friends, we have fostered new friendships and have created bonds with one another, sharing a common interest without barriers. Those who cannot walk...can run on horseback!

Our Philosophy

Through the experience of working with people with disabilities, we have seen that it can be difficult for families to pay for the expense of therapeutic riding. Often times they will alternate with other therapies as they can afford them. This leads to inconsistency in therapies which has mixed results. In order to best serve our therapeutic horseback riding clients we are determined to keep the cost to our patients as low as possible. It is through generous donations from people like YOU that we are able to continue this tradition. We have a saying at Boots and Saddles - "We are all in stride with one another." Our goal is to secure rider confidence and promote new and lasting friendships. By accomplishing these goals, the lives of our participants will be enhanced by these experiences. At Boots and Saddles there are no disabilities - there are only different riding abilities.  

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